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Butterworth Bulldogs Online


Mission statement


Our mission at Butterworth Bulldogs is to breed quality, healthy, well tempered and loving bulldogs that meet the AKC and BCA standards. We feed strictly from a fresh raw diet and include the Nuvet supplement along with the Probiotic HOS formula for humans to improve immune function and help eliminate food born allergies that often plague many breeds and reduce the Bulldogs quality and longevity of life. We focus on holistic health for our bullys. You can get helpful ideas about dog training by visiting this website www.KITTENSTRAINING.COM.


We are a family owned and operated breeder that also shows. Our girls live in our home, and are a part of our family. Our puppies our hand raised by myself and introduced to our children at an earlier age to assure the pets loving temperament. We are a teaching breeder, which means we will help you to understand your dog.


Both of our dames are of direct 1st generation champion bloodlines and only bread with Sires of the same integrity to reassure the quality of bloodlines.


Our new puppies!


Our new puppies!